DIS®DINE is a new label founded in 2011 by the union of young producers. The aim is to present the musical thoughts of the founders, moving away from the only boring patterns, introducing also other forms of art like drawings, graphics and videos.

Disordine's music is a mix of different genres, moving from Break Beat rhythms to the sounds of techno. These experiments will be proposed both on vinyl or mp3, since disordine takes lessons from the old school, but it is also headed forward with futuristic innovations.

In 2012 was born DisordinArt a new artistic platform, an urban point of view on Illustrations, paints, photos, videos and graphic.

Disordine is not just this, but it is a life style, that follows the principle of "no limits" and gives great inspiration to its members.


X.es the uncertainty of the existence.
it tells the story of a girl who does not identify herself as a woman nor a man.
X.es: the existence of the unknown.
The answer is staring you right in the eye: se.X

Dancer: Chiara Poggi
Music: Ale Mas (Marmeria Studio)
Video: Stefania Carbonara
Directed by Elidon Zemblaku

Dopo la nuova esperienza passata insieme dove la musica e la conoscenza del corpo sono stati i protagonisti del nuovo concetto di Sperimentazioni Coreografiche.



Un fluido di danza contemporanea e pittura astratta, interpretata da Elidon Zemblaku e descritta da Lumo.
Il movimento è il protagonista della scena, attraverso le due arti.
Gli equilibri e le pennellate si mischiano ai block dei ballerini....

Last 2 artwork:

- Ho chiuso gli occhi per vedere. (I closed my eyes to see)
- Anche gli occhi san parlare. (Even eyes can speak)

It is a darkness filled with silence
Unbroken for what seems like eternity
It is a night that never breaks
Awaiting a dawn that may never come.

Personal difficulties are usually derived from the disorder of our emotions, in conflict with reason. In art we are not leading it, but they are leading us. Being emotional has become synonymous with unstable and unbalanced.

I love the silence, the only thing I can make my own. When tired of the noise of the life I isolate myself in a space, the silence renews me, drives the clamor of lies, deceptions of the falsehoods that surround me, without interference in this silence there is only truth lies pushed sink into it without leaving any signs or memory. Time is a shadow that will fade with the twilight of humanity, but the silence is a...

Sacre coeur, street art, music, society and Disordine.

Graphic: #Nihil00
Installation: #Nihil00, Lumo, EZ, NIMIC, Y-urich

Atelier Lumo, book art by Domenico Nicoletti photographer

Drawings of paradox and occasional communication, instinct unprincipled.